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Steel And Wood Stairs Demand Presents Three Trends

Double Building Materials Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 14, 2017

Steel and wood staircase market competitiveness is growing, according to the 2016 annual sales of view, consumers demand for steel-wood staircase a trend:

1, fashion simple: With the continuous development of society, modern home space and the times took over, is no longer the kind of traditional old decorative style, but more open personality of the way of life, because of this change, Decided the future trend of steel-wood staircase. 2017 steel-wood staircase are designed by the simple fashion-oriented.

2, personalized: Throughout today's society, 80 has gradually become the main force of leadership, 90 into the community, there is no doubt that steel-wood staircase design will be more close to 80,90 after the personality.

3, color diversity: the younger of consumer groups, will also represent its inclusive, rigid steel staircase has been unable to meet their needs, so the color of steel and wood staircase more and more, more innovative design unique, And this also shows that the future design of the steel-wood staircase will break a single color boundaries.