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The Innovation of Steel and Wood Stairs

Double Building Materials Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 14, 2017

First, re-positioning of steel-wood staircase products. Since it is low cost, it is necessary to focus on financial resources to different from ordinary people's eyes to find their core selling point of the product, steel and wood staircase products re-positioning packaging to the new image into the market.

Second, take follow-up strategy. In order to avoid risks, only to seize the opportunity to quickly imitate the integration of resources has been successfully listed competitors steel and wood staircase products, take the flexibility to leverage the means to force, you can detours.

Third, reduce the cost of steel and wood stairs to promote. Small and medium steel staircase manufacturers to R & D, production and sales of large investment is unrealistic, but the market monotonous steel and wood staircase products and can not attract the eye, can not afford to stimulate consumer interest, it needs to find ways to give technology On the external manifestations of steel and wood staircase products, such as appearance, weight, volume, visual, feel, packaging and other outstanding display on the human design and layout, improve the production efficiency of steel and wood staircase.