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Steel and wood staircase innovation is not enough foreign brand encirclement and suppression

Double Building Materials Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 14, 2017

China's steel and wood staircase industry threshold is low, in the process of development over the years, creativity, the passage of time began to prevail imitation, plagiarism, and finally evolved into steel and wood staircase market homogeneity predicament. When an industry has become the birthplace of multiple births, then the industry will eventually face only "encirclement and suppression", the homogenization of the steel staircase industry is so serious.

Steel and wood staircase industry homogenization of serious, low level of industry innovation, the ability to resist external risks weak. Gangmu staircase foreign brands in the domestic market, in addition to domestic consumer market, but also on the domestic steel-wood staircase industry to make a detailed understanding of the resistance, it is the lack of competitiveness of domestic steel-wood stairs manufacturers, to foreign steel Wood staircase manufacturers to open the door to facilitate foreign enterprises and even effortlessly.